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Turn of Capture by maeralie

Mature Content
Okay, this is probably NOWHERE near erotic.. but I didn't really know what else to categorize it. I love angles and I love lighting. This is one of my strange self-portraits. I love collarbones and necks, they are so beautiful.
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adrasteja Featured By Owner May 7, 2006
Yeah ;) i like this lighting- very professional...
kinglanky Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2004
Great pose and blackground
louline Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2004
I think neck is the most erotic part of a female body !

This the best place for kisses ;)

very sweet pic !
arnaudmeyer Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
Impressive. You are wrong, this is definitely erotic. Teasing is much more ertoic than anything else.

The soft tones adds a lot to the feeling, making us think we are so close of the subject. The fact we dun see her face is so intriguing. Terribly pleasant for the eye and mind, and definitely worth a :+fav: for it.

Very inspiring! :bow:
cuha Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
very inticing. I love this photo! +fav :D
l0natic Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2004
beautifull angle, and colors, very nice :nod:
vozzz Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2004  Professional Filmographer
you say this is a self protrate? if so or if not both the photographer and the model and in the case of self portrait, the guy who is in her heart is totally awsome and lucky. thumbs up and anything else that expresses my feelings(not to good with english)
Pu2la Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2004
wow, thats so beautiful!!!:heart:
maeralie Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2004   Writer
Ahhh! I cant thank all of you enough, for posting these fabulous comments, and fav'ing the hell out of this picture. I love you all! *dev-rape's each one of you* Mwah!
jaded-silence Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2004
Excellent use of lighting and a sensual pose to accentuate the beauty of the neck and collarbone. The glow is warm and alluring and the use of negative space is very effective. Erotic in a subtle, sensual way - leaving much to the imagination, which i personally find more powerful.

Great work :+fav:

x kate x
grontokam Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2004   Digital Artist
I love it
Beliowen Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2004   Interface Designer
I love the angle u shot this in! Very very beautiful!
bronzecase Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2004   Photographer
Beautiful! I love the use of light and dark. ~ Casey
Mike Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004
lovely work...

l0natic Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2003
this is trully a beautifull picture :nod: i like it a lot :)
bakuretsu Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2003
I would say that this piece is, actually, erotic. While that may mean different things to different people, that's what art is about. What I like about this piece is the dramatic focus of the lighting. I'm not sure by looking at it what type of lamp you used, but I'm guessing that it was relatively close. The light hitting only the center portion of the wall, and only the front of your chest is very well done. You have a small hint of over-exposure on your chin and on your chest, but it isn't terrible. The color of the light is very pleasing.

What I love about these types of pieces (and I mentioned this to superkev on one of his recent close-up self-portraits) is the skin texture. I love photos that are so detailed you can pick out little nuances like goosebumps and hairs. Beautiful work. Good job :)

steamdreamer Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2003
this is a truly erotic piece. your skin is soft and yet features beautiful texture. the lighting shows skin's exquisite quality to be opaque yet translucent, and your pose is soft and sensually erotic without being overly revealing. when i look at this i feel almost as if i am looking at dream of someone making out with an invisible lover. beautiful work! :)
CathieHeart Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
Beautiful lighting and I tooo love colar bones and necks, especially to kiss. Stunning self portrait, with a subtle eroticism that I like.
xxTranceGurlxx Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2003
I like it!!! sexy
wezz Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2003   Photographer
Sure this one might not fit into the Erotic category but some people find any skin showing erotic ;)

Not me though, although I do find this picture very beautiful. The best way to describe the effect of it would be soothing or calming :)
RhoadesAsylum Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
That lighting is *incredibly* gorgeous :)
EclipsedMeh Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2003
awesome shot :!:


love the colors.. the composition.. everything:!:
plumfizz Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2003
very nice!
peachez29 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2003
this picture is beautiful and very erotic, great job! i love necklines too
linecut Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2003
beautiful. . .
diskarded Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2003
this...this is amazing. The emotion in this picture is overbearing. The skin is soft, and warm..the lighting perfect. Perfect skin. Amazing..I would like to use this in a wallpaper, if you don't mind. :) (Smile)
purehibiscus Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
very nice! you have an intriguing look going. how in the world do people such as you do such fantastic work on SELF-PORTRAITS? regular portraits are hard enough...of course, i don't really have any nice photography equipment, so i suppose i can't practice this stuff. my sentiments are pretty much what everyone else has said. nice work!
nyc Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2003
Very nice position & adorable model - good work!!
iamdexx Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2003
+fav all i have to say is that i love the chain around the neck, dont ask me why it just drew my attetion. another photo of yours i love
doggpound Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2003
+fav! :D (Big Grin)
doggpound Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2003
this is a truly beautiful photograph.. i would love to have taken/developed this..
beautiful work.
joch Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
Truly amazing. The lightning is perfect!
joch Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
Truly amazing. The lightning is perfect! +fav!
kingping Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
brilliant.. and extremely erotic.
crazylynx Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2003
really like the lighting and pose in this one and I would say it is definately erotic, much better than many others i've seen in the erotic category :P (Lick) very good work on this shot
nicodeema Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2003
there isn't much left to be said except for another "veryy nice..." =) (Smile)
website Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2003
Great lighting and pose. Great job.
firedudewraith Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
That's wonderful!
hazen Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003
Love the angle / shot - amazing work

boomslice Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003
Nice one. I love the dramatic lighting. Nod
yachtclub Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003
Absolutly beautiful. The lighting on the skin is so soft and warm, its very stunning. I too love the collarbone area, almost as much as tummies and navals. :D (Big Grin)

Great work, such a beautiful shot.
devilicious Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003  Professional Photographer
the pose and lighting make this - great job and the green off the background with the light is really nice against the skin and oh yes - its very erotic..Nod

Thumbs Up
makeshiftreality Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003
gardebring Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003   Interface Designer
good enough for me, ... [gardebring hits fav]
nexttime Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003
what a nice piece !
IgorKlajo Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003
this is beautiful. Like the colors, the lights and shadow. like the angle of the shot and of the body. very emotional.
MikePecci Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003  Professional General Artist
The texture of the skin is fantastic! And its all bout the green backround..that contrast in color makes the image.
bluejays Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003   Interface Designer
beautiful photo...and you have a pretty neck
balgroggy Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Erotic photography is classed as what it puts the viewer in mind of. The nuzzling of a soft neck, the pose as if you were avoiding to see a lovers advance, almost in shame of the yearning for that soft kiss upon the throat. Thats what your beautiful picture puts me in mind of, and that is incredibly erotic!

A definate +fav
e-sushi Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003
seems you're in need of a vampire ;) (Wink)
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June 22, 2003
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